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SOIGA is since 1972, year of its foundation, one of the most important companies in the cork sector in Portugal . Our aim is to offer to our clients the best solutions through a careful selection of raw material, high-advanced production technologies and continuous evolution, in order to respond to the new markets demands.

Did you know that Soiga's granulated cork is used:

... in the production of the fireworks for the English Royal family

... in London's subway, as well as in their famous Open Air Buses

... to prevent avalanches

We always produce Quality and we are certified by the Norm NP EN ISO 9001
Complete satisfaction of our clients is the continuous goal of SOIGA what helps in our growth. An efficient quality control system guarantees, from raw materials to finished products, ensuring that they are produced according to Internal Specifications and International Standards. Our strength is to work in a personalized and targeted way to the specific requests of each client and work with dedicated, skilled and experienced workers. Our mission is to provide a quality product, respecting natural environment and showing all over the world the advantages of cork and its unique power.

SOIGA was distinguished as SME Excellence in 2013.
The selection of SME Excellence is made annually from the world of SME Leader, creating a tool for increase visibility to companies that stand out for the best results.

All the granulated cork used in the production of agglomerated corks is higienized through a thermo-mechanical system, that conjugates the effects of the temperature and pressure, contributing to the elimination of bacterias and cleaning of a natural/alimentary product.

In order to answer to the new requirements of the market and also to enrich its portfolio, SOIGA implanted a new line of natural cork blocks production.

 Our most popular items this year

Whether in public buildings or in residential areas, cork supplies the maximum in thermal and acoustic comfort, as well as being extremely resistant to high levels of traffic, it is hygienic and aesthetically pleasing. The demand of cork for architectural and decorative use is constantly increasing, due not only to the numerous virtues cork possesses, but also due to the enormous range of forms, textures and colours to offer. And, of course, we can never forget: "a great wine is always bottled with a great corks!"